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Martin B. Gelber FAIA & Associatesí commitment to architecture results from an effort to create a better place in order to create a better life. They believe architecture is art, technology and the background of our life. Architecture should express the time in which we are living, and make intangible items tangible. Good architecture establishes conditions which bring life to an even richer fulfillment and elevate the human spirit.

Martin Gelber is a past president of the Los Angeles Chapter of AIA, has received numerous excellence in design awards, and has been published in such magazines as Architectural Record, Architecture California, The LA Architect, Interior Design, Home, House and Garden and House Beautiful, yet he is determined to remain small enough to permit a close design involvement with each and every project. Martin Gelber feels that art in architecture should not be arbitrary stylism, but a matter of clarity. Characteristic of all architecture is that we live in it, on it, around it and between it. Therefore, architecture should enrich the joy and drama of living.







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